Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charles Plans Slumdog Housing

Prince Charles has been belatedly inspired by the 2007 movie Slumdog Millionaire to build a "green utopia" for "low caste" Indians. It is to look like a pile of rubbish from the outside and to extend over 25 acres.

He hopes to build it in Bangalore.

Indian newspapers which carry this item report it as a straight story, but it seems to me the man has had his rather large snout put out of joint by something about India. Wonder what.

I don't think Charles will be able to build his low caste housing. Call it a hunch.

But I have an idea that might make up for that. How about a project in Paris?

It could be housing for the children of murder victims.

Something in the shape of a tunnel, with individual houses made of cars wrecked in high speed chases?

The furniture could be made of used tampons.