Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Have to Revive Gandhi's Legacy

I have just finished writing a book examining why Gandhi’s political legacy died as quickly as it did, and what we must do to revive it.

The book makes the case that Gandhi’s legacy did not die a natural death. It has been killed by a set of British post-colonial and neo-colonial policies that have effectively transferred the exploitative functions of the “Empire on which the sun never set” to an international system of corporate and conventional criminality sustained by a global black market.

The book examines how this was engineered and the issues that activists must address if we are to reclaim the world for ordinary people.

While waiting to have the book published it has occurred to me that to rely only on the usual commercial route to publication would defeat my main purpose. As a result, I have decided to share relevant parts of the book with anyone interested in reviving Gandhi’s political legacy. I do so in the hope of creating a wider understanding of the issues involved in such a project, and initiating a dialogue that can lead to meaningful community-level and political action.

Two early versions of Chapters One and Two appear at Readers are invited to use the contact information on that web site and on this blog to get in touch.

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