Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Are They Advertising?

What exactly is Z Cafe advertising in a commercial that explicitly promotes drug use?

What does Tata Dokomo think it is selling when it shows a car rocking rhymically in the dark?

There's an element in Indian advertising that is not selling anything but subversion of our social values.

Take that company selling sunglasses and wallets with the pitch line "Why the world moved to ... ". It seems to be selling the idea that women are sluts.

The basic concept of advertising is that products are associated with images/values appealing to the target audience. What kind of market research are these ads based on?

Did the agency that produced the Tata Aria ad showing a middle-aged Englishman declaring to his wife that he is a Secret Agent, really expect that it would have any impact with an Indian audience?

Indian commercials are unlike those in any other major country in their use of models who are nothing like the target audience. One recent commercial showed a band of White skinned surfers running to the sea. Another showed a chocolate man vowing White girls by using Axe perfume.

Is this because agencies are using European commercials to save money, or do they think Indians will look up to White skinned role models? Or, in the case of skin-lightening creams (all marketed by foreign corporations), that Indians want to become White?

Perhaps it's just dim-witted admen. What else can explain the Axe slug line "Who's the man?" in commercials showing a guy lavishing perfume on himself.

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