Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creep With Many “Passhons”

The devilishly handsome character leaves his office early: “Monday” he twinkles to a secretary who says his boss wants to see him.

He heads out for a stint of surfing, partying on the beach and a lap dance with a girl in a cowboy hat.

As the sound track drones on about a man with “many passhons” the commercial ends with our hero arriving back home, where an elderly person is waiting up; “Sorry” he says, “too much work at the office.”

He winks at the camera with an impish smile.

The admen who made the commercial for After Dark – whatever that is, for the product remains unmentioned – seem to think a creep who scants attention to work and lies to his family is admirable.

The images they use to convey the idea of “many passions” further reveal the poverty of their mental/moral landscape.

Time to send them back to school for a refresher course in Advertising 101.

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