Friday, March 29, 2013

The Thought Police are Back!

I have noted several times that some shadowy agency/individual has inserted a great number of robot.text files (650 at last count) to block search engines from finding content on my blog (see here for embedded links).

As Blogger does not allow users of its service to approach it directly for help, I posted the problem on the Webmaster Tools forum. Extraordinarily, there was not a single reply. A repeat post noting that I was being censored elicited one reply suggesting that the robot.text files were blocking not the overall site but specific labels I insert under each post to help Search Engines identify the nature of its content.

To find out if that was correct I checked on Webmaster Tools for the list of top keywords indexed for my blog. What I found confirms that the dreaded Thought Police are indeed back on my case. These are, in order of significance, the top 20 keywords Google bots have registered for the wide ranging content of my blog:
  1. indian (4 variants)
  2. post (3 variants)
  3. february
  4. january
  5. world (4 variants)
  6. british
  7. march
  8. blog (3 variants)
  9. new (2 variants)
  10. november
  11. december
  12. nations (3 variants)
  13. country (3 variants)
  14. august
  15. atom (2 variants)
  16. china (3 variants)
  17. united (4 variants)
  18. hindu (2 variants)
  19. britain (2 variants)
  20. people (3 variants)
 This blatant effort to limit the visibility of my site cannot be done without the cooperation of Google but must originate from some more ideological entity that wants to prevent me from being heard.

I do not think that entity is Indian for the simple reason that authorities in New Delhi do not have the capacity to take such nuanced strategically directed action: their forte is the other heavy-handed stuff I have reported

Meanwhile, at the suggestion of a reader, I have filed electronically a grievance with the Home Ministry about the possible involvement of some agency under its purview in the strange circumstances that prevented me from attending the World Social Forum in Tunisia.

After filing the grievance it struck me that whoever is responsible for my Kafkaesque situation can easily justify his/her actions by lying about my record to make it seem sinister.

At some point, legal action might be necessary to get the facts out in the open. I hope those who have cooperated with the goons persecuting me will remember we still live in a democracy and give evidence when asked.

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