Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nitwit Commercials

Do corporate bigwigs in India pay any attention at all to what their ad men are putting out?

On the basis of the idiocy of commercials selling major brands, I would say they're quite oblivious.

Consider the assortment of animals (goldfish, dog, parakeet, monkey and tiger) starring in the commercial for a new Hyundai model.

Did anyone at the car company ask about the commercial's intended target audience? Are there enough five-year-old car buyers to warrant the pitch? 

If Tata had asked such questions before the launch of the NANO perhaps they could have avoided the major marketing disaster that followed commercials presenting the car as a step-up from the scooter for the lower middle class. 

Think how different the NANO image would be if the launch campaign had shown it as fun wheels for 20-something foursomes.

Or consider the mindless Nerolac commercial now playing that shows Keralites unfurling giant umbrellas over their houses while a mocking Shah Rukh Khan offers them a paint-job instead.

Did anyone at the company question the wisdom of reprising the South Indian bashing theme of SRK's recent films?

With the Indian Formula 1 struggling to establish an audience, has anyone done a postmortem of the advertising so far?

The people who planned and executed that campaign were evidently trying to sell the idea that the sport is sexy: their commercials showed Indian girls ecstatic over some weedy white men in driver suits.

Perhaps someone should have sat them down and explained the reason why the sport is sexy.

It's the fast powerful cars.

Boys like them. Girls like boys.

If you cut out the cars, the whole thing loses energy.

Also, showing teenage Indian girls starry-eyed over some White guys who appear to be decidedly over the hill might go over big in Europe; here, it's pathetic.

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