Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby, How Not to Fight Terrorism

If there is a sudden surge in Indian youth heading for Syria to join the Islamic State, the credit must go not only to Pakistan’s ISI but to those in "Bollywood" who will do anything for money.

The richest of Indian actors, Shahrukh Khan, planted the idea of the victimhood of an entire community with his mantra “I am a Muslim and not a terrorist.”

Now “Baby,” an abomination of a movie directed by Neeraj Pandey and starring Akshay Kumar, has provided a great deal of fodder for terrorist recruiters.

The movie is a fascist wet dream that glorifies brutal “anti-terrorist” activity, all of it directed at Muslims. 

Torture and violence are shown as the only effective way to get results.

Our muscular hero tortures a rogue Indian agent – a Muslim of course – to get the location of a bomb about to go off; he gets the information after arranging for the man’s parents, wife and child to be taken to the targeted mall.

He slips a plastic bag over the head of a Muslim leader – labelled as an ISI agent – and brings him near death to get the location of a terrorist.

He even administers a roundhouse slap when a minister’s PA (religion unknown) says Indian agents are bound to die in the fight against terrorism.

The movie-makers lay on with a trowel the association of terrorism with Islam.

No hint here of the brainless Hindus who have taken the jihadist route, or of the strong possibility that a rogue element of our intelligence apparatus enabled the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

A former Mumbai Police chief has made a strong case for that in the book “Who Killed Karkare?

And a recently published New York Times investigation turned up considerable evidence that British and Indian intelligence agencies took no action after collecting credible information on the impending attack. Indian intelligence ignored a specific warning from the Americans about an attack on the Taj.

This is hardly surprising.

As I have noted in many earlier posts (see here, here and here), Britain is behind the whole “Islamic terrorism” phenomenon, using it for political manipulation and to promote its drug trafficking interests.

It is only reasonable to expect that in addition to creating the ISI in Pakistan as its proxy Britain has also corrupted parts of Indian intelligence to do its work.

Thankfully, our anti-terrorist modus operandi seems to be taking those realities into account: according to The Hindu, the Intelligence Bureau was kept completely out of the loop on the operation last December to intercept a Pakistani “fishing boat” that blew up before it could be boarded.

Since then, there has been talk of setting up a completely new domestic intelligence service.

If that happens, I hope decision makers in Delhi will do it within a constitutional framework, establish adequate safeguards against abuse of Indian citizens, and make the agency accountable to parliament.

With venal brain-dead “Bollywood” figures promoting fascism, we need strong institutional protections in place.


sri5 said...

Dear Bhasker Sir,

I am utterly anguished that you are still thinking from the perspective of a muslim. Why dont you think in the perspective of India & Hindus. What ever has been shown in movie 'Baby' is highly fictionalized. But what is happening around middle east & Nigeria which are more ghastly that what is being shown in movie.

To top it that recently an indian was caught for handling the ISIL twitter account.

I dont know why you have to appease muslims still.

When Muslims themselves are out-rightly against ISIL & its propaganda.


Bhaskar Menon said...

What I wrote was very firmly from the perspective of a Hindu Indian who is concerned that movies like Baby are presenting Indian Muslims as the major cause of terrorism when, in fact, the overwhelming majority of them are dead set against it.

The film shows the torture and mistreatment of Indian Muslims by an agent of the government and that is helping those who want to recruit young Indians for terrorist acts.

What is shown on screen might be "highly fictionalized" but a recruiter for terrorism is likely to emphasize the opposite. Try to imagine if you were a young Muslim in the audience. What would be your reaction?

My greatest objection to the movie is that it present a highly emotionally charged topic with absolute dishonesty.

As I have emphasized time and again, "Islamic terrorism" is a Western, and primarily British creation. Perhaps in my next blog I will spell out the history of that effort. I hope you will read it


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