Sunday, May 3, 2015

Creepy Crawly: Some Afterthoughts

In re-reading yesterday's post I see some important details are missing.

  • The ants who nested inside my Samsung laptop must have been extremely smart and technically proficient. They unscrewed a sealed compartment and (going by what the service center technician in Pondy said), replaced two standard black screws with white ones.
  • The neighbor who I called for help when having the asthma attack says he was awake at the time. His phone neither rang nor has a missed call record.
  • I forgot entirely about the Intelligence Bureau's successful effort to prevent me from a bid to show my paintings at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. See here.
  • I just spent a night at the Goa International Center of which I am a life member. The room had the latest membership directory, and lo, I had disappeared from it. Don't think it is an oversight. Why would the IB do that? For the same reason it has me in a virtual North Korea in India: to make me a non-person. 
Also wanted to share a thought about why the IB continues to harass me: they probably think my awareness of their attempts at surveillance and manipulation must mean I have superior foreign technology and hence I must not be what I seem.

It is perhaps useless to address paranoia or corruption with reasoned explanation, but let me try.

The technology that allows me to know what the IB is doing to me and around me is entirely indigenous.

It is much celebrated in the long history of Indian tradition as spiritual awareness.

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