Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Hearings for UN Secretary-General Candidates

The slow-motion search for the next head of the United Nations is moving into a new phase. General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft announced today that he had scheduled the next so-called "informal dialogues" with candidates on 7 June. However, he did not say who would be appearing. 

According to scuttlebutt the new candidates will be Miroslav Lajcak of Slovakia, Susanna Malcorra of Argentina and former UN Chef de Cabinet Alicia Barcena of Mexico.

Meanwhile, AP UN correspondent Edith Lederer reported that two of the declared candidates, Croatia's Vesna Pusic and Moldova's Natalia Gherman had asked to meet with the Security Council. Pusic had asked for the meeting to hear the "concerns and questions" of council members and have its 15 members evaluate her candidacy.

The selection schedule for the next head of the UN calls for a decision on a new Secretary-General by mid-year, allowing a significant period of transition.

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