Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Mysterious Death

Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym fell to his death from a high floor of a hotel in Bangkok today.

He had gone to attend a board meeting of Tata Motors Thailand.

Slym 51, joined Tata Motors in October 2012 and was said to be steering a critically important turnaround for a company that has been battered in recent years by internal and external problems.

It is possible the intense competition among global companies for the burgeoning Indian car market is a factor in his untimely death.

Before joining Tata Motors, Slym was the Executive Vice-president of a major Chinese car producer, SGMW Motors, a joint venture of the American giant General Motors. Before that, he was president, managing director and board member of General Motors in India between 2007-11.

Prior to that, for over two decades, he was with Toyota and General Motors in a variety of senior positions.

So, if there is a one-armed man in this story, it could be American, Chinese or Japanese.

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