Sunday, January 19, 2014

Brit Disinformation on Operation Bluestar

The publication in Britain of “top secret documents" from 1984 showing that Indira Gandhi had British help in ousting terrorists from Amritsar’s Golden Temple is a clumsy attempt to manipulate the impending Indian general elections with manufactured history.

The “probe” that Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered into the unprecedented publication of documents from Britain’s spy agency will undoubtedly bring to light more concocted "evidence" that Margaret Thatcher had (as The Guardian reported on 16 January), “supported” Mrs. G after Operation Bluestar.

The Guardian quoted a 30 June 1984 letter from Thatcher to Mrs. G saying Britain supported the unity of India and expressing the hope of a “peaceful and prosperous future” in the Punjab.

As I have reported previously, Thatcher was anything but supportive; on the contrary, she plotted Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination and engaged in repeated attempts to destroy Indian unity. The Brit-Pak supported insurrection in the Punjab during the 1980s ruined the lives of a generation in India’s most prosperous state.

Such duplicity is hardly new in the history of British-Indian relations.

All of colonial history is a tissue of lies, from the hoax “Black Hole of Calcutta” that justified the East India Company takeover of Bengal in 1757 to the engineered bloodletting of “Hindu-Muslim riots” in 1946-1947 that provided the narrative for Partition.

The manipulation of India has continued throughout the post-independence era, facilitated by the willingness of our “elite” English mass media and many politicians to serve as British proxies.

That combination of media and politicians has given a Teflon quality to those willing to wear British livery, allowing them to get away with enormous loot and, perhaps – we shall see from the outcome of the investigation into Sunanda Pushkar’s death – with murder.

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