Monday, October 20, 2014

Diwali Pledge

On this day when India celebrates the victory of Good over Evil and Light over Darkness we pledge ourselves to the Truth that is the Eternal Law.

In remembrance of all those who have held high the torch of enlightenment in our millennial passage as a people we pledge to hold fast to the truth and to be unafraid of the false.

We pledge to seek and tell the truth in all things, big and small, to do so in the face of all temptations, fears and threats.

For Truth is the substance of God, the soul of the universe and the ultimate reality.

It is the only safe guide through every danger, the safest shelter in every storm.

We remember this day all that has forged the unity of our diverse land and recognize that in the welfare of others lies our own.

We pledge to defend the freedom and democracy won with so much sacrifice by generations of our forebears.

We will protect the weakest among us, treat men and women with equal respect and honor, treasure our children and preserve the sanctity of Nature.

We will treat all life as sacred for truly all are members of the family of God.

On this day of rebirth and renewal we celebrate the best in us and promise to live every day as if it is our first – and our last.

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